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Get world class weight sets & individual weights in different accuracy classes with our weight checking Machine

At Masseprazise we follow strict raw material inspection & ensure Material of every test weight is subjected to density test, hardness , composition & magnetic properties Surface finish ,property, shape, dimensions and permanent magnetization of finished weights are as recommended by OIML- R111 . Weight sets are made of high-grade pure stainless steel having long term stability & reliable performance longevity

“Each weight or set of weights comes with a standard manufacturing certificate and a calibration certificate produced in accordance with OIML R 111-1:2004 and ISO 17025: 2017 requirements.”

Our Mission is to provide Great quality and accuracy that delevers full confidence in routine weighing and Calibrations. We do that by slecting premium quality material, by including quality control proceses and by doing repetitive product analysis.

Class E1 These weights are of highest metrological accuracy class and used as primary reference standards for calibrating other lower class reference weights like E2 and blow classes , E1 class weights are integral /single piece monobloc type weights , E1 class weights have no method of adjustment and are not suitable for general laboratory use

Class E2 These weights used as reference standard for calibrating other weights and is appropriate for calibrating high precision analytical balances with readability as low as 0.1 mg to 0.01 mg. E2 class weights can also be used to calibrate F1 or lower class of weights

Class F These weights used as reference standard for calibrating weighing balances with a readability as low as 0.01 g to 0.001 g. Class F Weights can also be used to calibrate weighing balances for commercial transaction like gold and precious metals/ stones. Class F weights can also be used to calibrate Class M weights.

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