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Procedure for safe handling of weights !

Procedure for safe handling of weights !

Because they are precise, yes, No, may be both, weights either they are of lowest accuracy in milligrams or of highest accuracy in few microgram, may be of critical use in their respective area of application.

After calibration a weight is defined with a value, any drastic change to their mass values may cause error in calibration or weighing process. A simple slip from the hand or ruff use may cause a weight going out of accuracy and continue using such weights will cause error in weighing.

Correct handling of weights is must to achieve best results and to ensure accuracy of the weights for long term.



“Weights are precise and are to be kept precise”

  • Let the gloves do their job “don’t touch with naked hands”
  • While not in use keep them in their respective boxes.
  • Keep the door close, sorry, keep the box close, ALLWAYS.
  • Store the weights in environment controlled and dust free room.
  • While in use, keep the weights on a soft surface ( a soft rubber or foam sheet may be good)
  • Working table and balance pan must be proper clean before putting weights on it.
  • ‘Don’t clean, keep them clean’ clean only when required; always use soft lint free cloth for dust cleaning.
  • Use ESD safe tweezers and weight lifter for handling the weights.


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