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Difference between F1 & F2 Accuracy Class Weights

Difference between F1 & F2 Accuracy Class Weights

In our previous blog, we discussed about difference between the weights of the accuracy classes E1 and E2. Class E and Class F weights are majorly different, there are of uses are also different. In this blog, we are focusing on which accuracy class to prefer between F1 and F2 class weights.

F1 and F2 both accuracy class weights are almost identical in the case of design, shape, type, and material of construction. The only difference is of maximum permissible error. The F1 accuracy class has fewer errors as compared to the F2 accuracy class, for example, the maximum permissible error for a weight of 1mg in the F1 accuracy class is 0.020mg and the same for the F2 accuracy class is 0.060mg. We can conclude this by saying that F1 accuracy class weights are almost three times better than the F2 accuracy class weights in terms of their accuracy and maximum permissible errors.

Depending on the accuracy of the weighing balance, the Selection of the F1 or F2 accuracy class weight depends on the requirement of applications, for a weighing balances of maximum capacity 200g and readability 1mg F1 class weight can be preferred, however for the same weighing balance if readability is 10mg a F2 class weight can be preferred.

A basic criterion of selection of weights is that the error (or sometimes uncertainty) of the weights should be three times better than that of a weighing balance.

On the basis of SOP, selection of accuracy class of weight based on the desired accuracy as per the SOP of the user i.e. If SOP confirms desired accuracy of weight 0.1%, then selection of the class can be made on that basis.

For maximum permissible error table please refer to OIML R-111, or write to masse Pr├Ązise representative for the same.